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Risk assessment

Last updated April 2024

This chapter explains how to assess the level of risk associated with hazards you have identified in your workplace.

What is a risk assessment?

Definition: Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is the process of evaluating:
- the consequences expected from an incident arising out of a hazard, e.g. a fatality, permanent disability or injury requiring medical/hospital treatment, first aid and/or time off work; and
- the probability of this incident occurring.

A risk assessment is the second step in the risk management process.

Definition: Risk Management

Risk management is a process that includes hazard identification, risk assessment and the implementation, monitoring and review of control measures to reduce risks to the health and safety of workers.

Risk assessments help to determine which hazards require the most urgent attention, i.e. by introducing control measures to eliminate or reduce any risk arising from those hazards.

Important: Risk assessments are essential for you to discharge your health and safety obligations.