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IT and safety management

Last updated October 2021

This chapter examines the use of computer software to assist in the management of health and safety in the workplace.

How can technology assist with health and safety?

Any business looking to develop and improve the effectiveness of its work health and safety management system can introduce a range of available software packages.

Definition: Safety Management System

A safety management system is a system designed to ensure that health and safety issues are addressed in a systematic and integrated way. It is a set of planned actions, policies and procedures that forms the framework for managing health and safety in the workplace. The safety management system should ensure that workers are competent in identifying hazards, assessing risks and implementing relevant controls to eliminate the risk of injury.

The attraction of a software package is that it can improve a number of key areas in the operation of a safety management system, such as:

  • incident reporting and investigation;
  • auditing;
  • training, including with the assistance of:
    • virtual and augmented reality; and
    • QR codes;
  • contractor management;
  • consultation; and
  • injury management.