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Office safety

Last updated March 2024

This chapter explains how to apply health and safety legislation in an office environment, and outlines common safety hazards in an office.

Health and safety obligations in the office

You have health and safety obligations under:

  • legislation; and
  • regulations.
Tip: Some codes of practice and Australian Standards relate specifically to office safety.


Health and safety legislation in every jurisdiction stipulates that you have a duty of care to ensure the health, safety and welfare of people in your workplace, and that you must manage risks.

Caution: While office environments are usually low-risk workplaces, this doesn’t mean you should neglect your health and safety duties! Offices still contain health and safety risks you must manage.
Definition: Low-Risk Workplace

A low-risk workplace is a workplace in which the level of risk, or risk that could result in serious injury or illness, is low. It will usually:
- have a low number of workers;
- carry out activities that do not pose high levels of risk or risk that could result in serious injury or illness; and
- have easily accessible medical assistance.