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Chain of responsibility

Last updated May 2024

This chapter explains how parties in the heavy vehicle industry can meet their chain of responsibility obligations under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

What is the chain of responsibility?

Definition: Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

CoR laws relate specifically to workers involved in transport by heavy vehicle. They set out legal requirements for anyone in the supply chain who has influence over how goods are delivered or received.
Definition: Heavy Vehicle

A heavy vehicle is a motor vehicle or trailer that has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) greater than 4.5 tonnes.

Duty-holders in the CoR include:

  • operators of businesses that dispatch goods by heavy vehicle;
  • employers who engage someone to drive a heavy vehicle;
  • workers who schedule transportation by heavy vehicle;
  • loading managers responsible for loading goods onto a heavy vehicle;
  • packers of heavy vehicles;
  • workers responsible for dispatching goods by heavy vehicle;
  • drivers of heavy vehicles; and
  • people who order or receive goods delivered by heavy vehicle.