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Licensing and registration

Last updated February 2024

This chapter explains the specific requirements of work licences, and when it is necessary to register plant and equipment in your workplace.

Your licensing and registration obligations

Under health and safety legislation in all jurisdictions, it is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • workers who undertake dangerous activities in the workplace hold a relevant work licence; and
  • all plant and equipment that requires registration is registered with the relevant health and safety regulator.
Important: The health and safety regulator has the power to suspend or cancel a licence if it believes the licence-holder is not carrying out the work safely.

How to obtain a work licence

Definition: Work Licence

A work licence is issued by the health and safety regulator and grants the licence-holder permission to perform particular work that is subject to regulation. A licence is granted for a limited period and must be renewed within that period if the worker wishes to remain licensed.

Work licences are issued by the health and safety regulator in each jurisdiction, and are valid in every state and territory in Australia.