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Record and document management

Last updated November 2020

This chapter explains what health and safety records and documents you are required to keep, and how to avoid breaching privacy legislation in relation to workers’ personal information.

What are your record and document management obligations?

Health and safety legislation in all jurisdictions requires you to maintain:

  • records; and
  • documents that relate to workplace health and safety.
Definition: Record

A record is a document, of any medium or format, which is created in the course of business to record an activity or event.

Records and documents may be created to:

  • record information, e.g. an injury claim form;
  • communicate information, e.g. an email; or
  • educate workers, e.g. training notes.
Tip: Without supporting documentation, it can be difficult for your business to prove it has taken steps to promote health and safety, e.g. via training and induction.