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Health and safety representatives and committees

Last updated April 2024. Chapter under review.

This chapter explains the roles of health and safety representatives and committees, and how to appoint them in your workplace.

What is a health and safety representative?

Definition: Health and Safety Representative (HSR)

An HSR is a worker who is elected to represent the health and safety interests of workers.

An HSR’s role includes:

  • representing workers in relation to health and safety issues;
  • encouraging safe work practices;
  • bringing workplace hazards to the business’ attention;
  • communicating workers’ health and safety concerns to management through consultation;
  • monitoring measures the business has implemented to comply with health and safety legislation; and
  • investigating workers’ health and safety complaints.

When must you have an HSR?

An HSR is only required when a worker requests for the organisation to have one. Should a worker request this, you must facilitate the election process.