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Keep your workplace in top shape with the Health & Safety Handbook

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Work health and safety law is always advancing. Not only do the laws themselves change, but the advice from the regulators and best practices are constantly evolving. To keep your workplace in the best shape, you need to keep your knowledge up to date. That’s where the Health & Safety Handbook comes in.

The Health & Safety Handbook is updated regularly to ensure our subscribers have the knowledge they need, when they need it – all in the one place.

Our most recent updates were to the following three chapters:

  1. Anti-Social Behaviour in the Workplace: This chapter examines what you can do to reduce the risk of your workers being exposed to anti-social behaviour. We have included brand-new tips and case law to show how the law has been applied in practice.
  2. Harassment: This chapter explains how to prevent and respond to harassment in your workplace. We have inserted new information about investigating allegations of harassment and reporting to the regulator.
  3. Health Monitoring: This chapter outlines when you need to undertake health monitoring in your workplace and how to go about it. We have included new information about health monitoring for workers exposed to crystalline silica.

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