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Warning about vehicle loading cranes

WorkSafe Victoria has reminded businesses about the risks associated with the use of vehicle loading cranes, following the recent death of a worker on a residential construction site.

The vehicle loading crane, which was carrying trusses, had dislodged part of the steel framework of a house being built, causing it to collapse on the worker.

To control the risks, the regulator states that high-risk construction cannot be performed unless a safe work method statement (SWMS) has been prepared, and that the work must be performed according to the SWMS.

Employers must ensure affected workers are consulted and employees performing the work are trained, provided with information and instructed about the risk controls.

The crane operator must have clear line of sight of the load and travel path, and ensure the load is under control. If the crane operator does not have line of sight or the load is not visible at any stage, then a dogger is required to provide directions.

Exclusion zones should be established for the lifting and landing areas and load travel path. Also, designated lifting areas should be prepared to enable the crane to be set up in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, for instance, ensuring adequate space to set up the outriggers.

Further, vehicle loading crane operators must be properly trained and competent in the type of plant being operated, and hold a high-risk work licence if the crane has a capacity of 10 tonnes or more.

More information can be found on the WorkSafe Victoria website at www.worksafe.vic. gov.au/safety-alerts/using-vehicle-loading-crane-deliveries-construction-sites.

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