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Warning about roof fall risks

WHS Queensland has issued an alert following three serious roof fall incidents in the state in 4 months, including one in which a man was fatally injured.

The regulator says that while the risk of serious injury from a fall from a roof depends mainly on the height and surface below, fragile roof surfaces can present an additional risk.

Roofs made with the following materials are likely to be fragile:

  • asbestos roofing sheets;
  • polycarbonate or plastic often used in skylights;
  • fibre cement sheets;
  • liner panels on built-up sheeted roofs; and
  • metal sheets and fasteners (particularly when corroded).

WHS Queensland says roof surfaces must be inspected to identify any potentially fragile spots before commencing any work on them. Any locations and tasks that could lead to a fall should be identified, including access to areas where the work will be done.

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