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Safe Work Australia releases Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2023 report

The Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2023 report, which reports on the state of work health and safety (WHS) in Australia in 2022, was released on 28 September.

The report, compiled by Safe Work Australia, lays out a range of statistics in relation to WHS across the nation.

Safe Work Australia CEO Michelle Baxter said, “This report brings together key data that will help inform improved WHS policy and practice to make Australian workplaces safer and heathier.”

The report revealed that 195 people were fatally injured at work in Australia, compared with 172 in 2021. Despite this rise year-on-year, overall, the number and rate of fatalities have been trending downwards since 2007.

Safe Work Australia highlighted the following key findings:

  • most work-related injuries in Australia were caused by body stressing; falls, slips and trips; and being hit by moving objects;
  • vehicle incidents and being hit by moving objects accounted for the most
    fatalities; and
  • work-related mental health conditions are rising, with time off work in these
    cases more than four times longer than for other injuries.

Click here for more information on the findings of the Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2023 report.

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