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Review of Queensland’s work health and safety laws

A 5-yearly review of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld) (WHS Act) began late August.

The review is looking at the effectiveness of the WHS Act in meeting its objectives. This includes considering and reporting on any need for amendments to ensure:

  • provisions relating to health and safety representatives are effective and operating as intended;
  • workers are appropriately represented and assisted in the workplace for health and safety matters;
  • the effectiveness of the legislative framework for review and stay provisions with enforcement notices under the WHS Act; and
  • provisions relating to dispute resolution are effective and operating as intended.

The review will also consider any other matters relating to the WHS Act's overall effectiveness and performance in ensuring a balanced framework to ensure the health and safety of workers and workplaces, and consider whether any legislative or administrative amendments are required.

The review will be led by three independent reviewers:

  • former Deputy Director General of the Office of Industrial Relations Craig Allen;
  • barrister specialising in Industrial Relations and Employment Charles Massy; and
  • former Deputy President of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission Deirdre Swan.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said, “The review will also have a strong focus on consultation with stakeholders including industry groups, employers, registered industrial organisations, the legal profession, academics and government agencies.”

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