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Renewal of regulations to manage COVID-19 in workplaces

Regulations to manage COVID-19 risks in Victorian workplaces have been renewed for an additional 12 months to ensure employers continue to notify WorkSafe of COVID-19 cases in their workplaces.

The renewed regulations came into force on 27 July 2021.Under the regulations, employers are required to notify WorkSafe immediately on becoming aware of a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis of an employee, independent contractor or contractor’s employee who has attended the workplace during the infectious period.

Self-employed persons are also required to notify WorkSafe immediately on receiving a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis if they have attended the workplace during the infectious period.

Failing to notify WorkSafe can lead to fines of up to $43,617 for an individual or $218,088 for a body corporate.

To learn more or notify WorkSafe of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, visit worksafe.vic.gov.au/report-confirmed-positive-case-covid-19 or call the WorkSafe advisory service on 13 23 60.

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