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Is your first aid kit up to scratch?

As the supply chains around the world continue to be impacted by the pandemic and other events, it is important to check that your business has its first aid kits fully stocked at all times.

Organisations are required under health and safety laws to ensure that first aid kits are immediately accessible to all workers, including those in isolated, mobile or remote locations.

On or near the first aid kits, you must provide the following information:

  • the names and contact numbers of first aiders;
  • details of the nearest medical or emergency service provider;
  • instructions for emergency treatment of injuries, expired air resuscitation and CPR; and
  • instructions on dealing with injuries that may be specific to a workplace, e.g. chemical burns.

A standard first aid kit should include a range of materials, including:

  • adhesive strips;
  • antiseptic solution and gauze;
  • wound dressings;
  • crepe or conforming bandage;
  • hypo-allergenic adhesive tape;
  • triangular bandages;
  • safety pins, tweezers and scissors;
  • a dish to hold dressings and instruments;
  • a small dressings bowl to hold liquids;
  • disposable gloves and face masks, including resuscitation masks to administer CPR;
  • plastic bags for waste disposal;
  • a reusable icepack;
  • saline;
  • eye pads; and
  • a notepad and pen

Some of these items will need to be checked for expiry.

And don’t forget, while you have your first aid kit nicely stocked, ensure that the training of your nominated first aiders is up to date, particularly noting the risk of transmission of viruses such as COVID-19.

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