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How to get involved in 2022 National Safe Work Month

Each year in October, National Safe Work Month is held to promote work health and safety.

Safe Work Australia has run the National Safe Work Month campaign since 2009 to raise awareness of work health and safety, and provide resources for Australian workplaces to run their own events to spread the message among their workers.

The aim of the campaign is ultimately to build safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians.

Safe Work Australia preliminary data shows that last year around 163 people died while working, and about 120,300 people made a workers’ compensation claim for serious injury or illness in 2019–2020. These staggering figures highlight the importance of reinforcing work health and safety as a priority.

You can get involved in National Safe Work Month by hosting a SafeTea event at your workplace. This involves dedicating a time and space to have a drink and/or snack with your team while you discuss work health and safety.

The SafeTea provides an opportunity to discuss work health and safety in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, which may encourage workers to express concerns they would be hesitant to raise formally.

Safe Work Australia recommends following these steps for your SafeTea:

  • Download co-brandable resources from the Safe Work Australia website, including a SafeTea chat checklist, posters, video-call background and social tile.
  • Follow Safe Work Australia on social media to keep updated with new information and materials.
  • Decorate your SafeTeacup. You could wrap your teacup in caution tape, safety stickers or a tiny high-vis vest. Use Safe Work Australia’s SafeTea photo frame and post a photo to social media using the hashtags #safeworkmonth #KnowSafety #WorkSafely.

Another way to get involved in National Safe Work Month is to attend a state or territory regulator event. Every year, the state and territory health and safety regulators hold events, both in-person and online, during National Safe Work Month. Visit your regulator’s website for details.

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