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How can you support the wellbeing of your workers?

From 27 June to 1 July is World Wellbeing Week. Now in its fourth year, the international awareness event aims to celebrate the many facets of wellbeing, including physical, mental and emotional health.

This week presents a good reminder of the importance of taking a well-rounded holistic approach to work health and safety that promotes a positive ‘wellness’ culture in your workplace.

One effective way to support the wellbeing of your workers is by implementing a health and wellbeing program.

What is a health and wellbeing program?

A health and wellbeing program is a collection of strategies and activities implemented by a business to encourage the health and wellbeing of its staff. Health and wellbeing programs are designed to assist workers with health and welfare issues such as mental health, weight management and nutrition.

Benefits of health and wellbeing programs include:

  • improved worker morale and job satisfaction;
  • improved alertness and concentration among workers;
  • improved worker health and wellbeing;
  • decreased stress and other work-related illnesses;
  • reduced absenteeism;
  • fewer workers’ compensation claims;
  • reduced staff turnover;
  • increased return on investment in training and development;
  • improved corporate citizenship and image;
  • improved ability to attract new employees;
  • improved industrial relations;
  • reduced risk of accidents; and
  • reduced long-term health problems.

Guide to implementing a health and wellbeing program

WorkSafe Tasmania has developed a handy seven-step guide to creating a wellbeing program, which may assist you to develop a health and wellbeing program for your business.

The guide advises that you should take the following steps:

  1. Get your manager’s commitment.
  2. Organise a working group.
  3. Find out what your workers need.
  4. Develop an action plan and policy.
  5. Put it into action!
  6. Monitor and evaluate your program.
  7. Update your program.

Find out more

Learn more about World Wellbeing Week here.

View WorkSafe Tasmania’s guide here.

Find more information about developing a health and wellbeing program in the Health & Safety Handbook chapter, Health and Wellbeing Programs.

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