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How are you managing psychosocial hazards in lockdown?

WorkSafe ACT has reminded businesses of the importance of managing psychosocial hazards posed by the lockdown.

Work Health and Safety Commissioner, Jacqueline Agius, says, “We know that navigating the COVID-19 environment can be challenging. But we cannot afford to let worker health and safety, particularly mental health and wellbeing, take a back seat while we adjust to this lockdown.”

WorkSafe ACT advises persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) to ensure they have appropriate systems in place to manage risks associated with psychosocial hazards, such as:

  • working from home;
  • working in isolation;
  • changing job demands; and
  • increased risk of work-related violence and aggression.

Commissioner Agius and WorkSafe ACT’s dedicated psychosocial inspector team have prioritised providing information to PCBUs to help them understand and meet their work health and safety obligations in relation to psychosocial health.

“The message I want people to take away is that we are facing a serious mental health challenge here in the ACT. Some people will find this harder than others, feelings of being overwhelmed, alone and anxious about work,” Commissioner Agius says.

“There is help available. We have useful resources and information on our website for both PCBUs and workers.”

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