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COVID-19: Riding out another wave

As we face another wave of a new COVID-19 variant, businesses should look to ensure that their current COVID-19 management plans are operating effectively.

Like with the surge that occurred over the December/January period, increasing absenteeism caused by self-isolation rules means further dislocation to the operation of businesses as well as the risk of serious injury or death from the virus.

Most people have now received a form of vaccination, so the question of other controls takes on greater importance, including:

  • considering the requirement to reintroduce mandatory mask-wearing;
  • ensuring the regular use of sanitisers;
  • ensuring social distancing – this may mean implementing previously used measures such as adjusting meeting rooms to reduce the number of people in a confined space;
  • minimising social and client events;
  • ensuring good air circulation;
  • encouraging workers to work from home if they can, especially if they are symptomatic; and
  • undertaking temperature testing of people on-site.

While most organisations have seen the end of some of these controls, it is important to assess whether they need to be reintroduced. Factors that are relevant to that assessment include whether:

  • workers are required to interact regularly with the public or other staff when performing their duties;
  • social distancing is possible or not;
  • workers interact with individuals vulnerable to COVID-19, including family members; and
  • workers can work independently or from home.
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