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Can you answer these 5 OHS questions?

By Joanna Weekes

Health and safety should be one of your biggest concerns in your workplace. If you fail your health and safety inspection, you may be charged a hefty fine or end up with a criminal record.

If you can’t answer the following 5 questions there’s a risk that you won’t pass your next health and safety inspection…

  1. Should I have a bullying and harassment policy and associated procedures?
  2. Do I need to comply with the health and safety laws if I only have 10 employees?
  3. Do I need to have a health and safety representative in my workplace?
  4. Am I allowed to conduct a random drug or alcohol test on my employees?
  5. Can I get in trouble if I don’t have a health and safety plan on site?

Do you make these mistakes?

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that if they’ve trained their employees once, then they’re following the health and safety procedures… but a majority of accidents are caused by unsafe acts of workers.

If a WorkSafe inspector hasn’t knocked on your door yet, the chances are they will soon

Hundreds of complex laws and regulations determine how you should act in the workplace and which preventative measures need to be in place. These laws are often written in difficult jargon filled with tricky legal language that makes it difficult to be 100% sure that you’re on the right side of law all the time.

Always be prepared for the inspector at the door…

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