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6 benefits of efficient documentation procedures

By Joanna Weekes

Today I just have a quick bulletin to let you know why you need to document safety procedures that are carried out in your workplace.

You know you need to undertake audits, inspections and reviews as part of your safety management system, not only this but you must also sufficiently document and record these processes.

Your documentation procedures, if carried out correctly, should achieve the following:

  • Provide evidence of your proactive health and safety management;
  • Ensure that management is aware of organisational performance;
  • Assist with continuous improvement;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement in health and safety performance;
  • Enable a more effective performance; and
  • Ensure review of individual managers’ health and safety performance.

Additionally, records enable effective reporting to managers and directors who are not directly involved in workplace health and safety matters.

Remember, all steps taken to monitor your business’ safety performance need to be documented and next week’s Health & Safety Bulletin will look further into the types of health and safety records and documentation you are required to keep.

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