Your questions answered: What is the definition of a ‘competent person’ for the purposes of conducting fire extinguisher training?

By Portner Press on January 23rd, 2020
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Is there anything in a Standard that states fire extinguisher training has to be done by any person other than a competent person?

If it only states a competent person, is there any definition of this?

We are a national company that wants to ensure all of our staff are trained in how to use fire extinguishers at our branches.

Under the harmonised work health and safety legislation there is no requirement to ensure a ‘competent person’ provides fire extinguisher and evacuation training. However, section 43 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 (Cth) imposes a duty to prepare, maintain and implement an emergency plan. Consequently, an employer has a duty to ensure that an emergency plan is prepared for the workplace. That plan should provide, among other things, for the testing of emergency procedures (including the frequency of testing) and information, training and instruction relevant to working in relation to implementing the emergency procedures.

We would suggest obtaining a copy of the Australia Standard 3745-2010- Emergency Management Planning – Facilities for further information on who will be deemed to be a competent person and eligible to conduct fire extinguisher and evacuation training. Australian Standards establish a minimum set of requirements which define quality and safety criteria, and are voluntary documents that are developed by consensus.

For your reference, a copy of the Australian Standard 3745-2010 can be purchased at the following link:

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