Your questions answered: Should we stop using Roundup weedkiller at our workplace?

By Portner Press on December 10th, 2019
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I have been seeing a number of claims in regards to Roundup causing significant health issues. We have been using Roundup (glyphosate) around the building and pathways to manage weeds.

Can you provide any advice on whether we should cease using Roundup considering the possible claims? We are based in NSW.

SafeWork NSW notes that products containing glyphosate have been assessed as being potentially carcinogenic.

This is consistent with a 2015 assessment by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which classified glyphosate in a group of chemicals that is ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’ based on a strength-of-evidence assessment.

However, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), the registering authority for agricultural chemicals and veterinary medicines in Australia, has considered the IARC findings and has concluded that glyphosate does not pose a carcinogenic risk to humans.

The APVMA advises that APVMA-approved products containing glyphosate can continue to be used safely according to label directions.

For detailed information on glyphosate published by the APVMA, please follow the link:

SafeWork NSW has published guidance material on the use of Roundup and other products containing glyphosate or organophosphates.

For the guidance material published by SafeWork NSW on the use of Roundup and other products containing glyphosate or organophosphates, including the matters you should consider before using Roundup or other products containing glyphosate or organophosphates, please follow the following links:

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