Your questions answered: How often should we carry out office safety inspections?

By Portner Press on February 22nd, 2019
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We use an office inspection checklist that covers electrical, manual handling, facilities, emergency response items, garden and surrounds, chemicals and the WHS noticeboard and information. How frequently are we legally required to carry out an office inspection of this type?


The WHS Act/Regulations do not expressly state how frequently you are required to conduct an office inspection of the type you describe. Carrying out such an inspection every 6 months is a good starting point; however, there are a number of other times when you should also conduct such inspections.

These include:

  • when you become aware of an incident or a near-miss incident in relation to one or more of the items set out above;
  • when there is a change to the working environment that may affect one or more of the items; and
  • when there is a change to a work process that may affect one or more of the items.

You may only be required to carry out an inspection to a certain part of the office in relation to the above scenarios.

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