Your questions answered: Do online refresher courses provide adequate training for staff?

By Portner Press on September 13th, 2018
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We have trained fire wardens who undertake annual refresher courses online. Do you provide much credence to online training as refresher courses?

Also, should we complete annual/biannual fire extinguisher training for team leaders/emergency coordinators and could this training be provided by our fire wardens?


Online training is limited in ensuring your fire wardens as well as your staff are adequately trained on fire safety and emergency plans. You must also conduct evacuation drills, and wardens need to be able to locate and know how to use equipment. All staff (including wardens) need to know where escape routes and meeting points are.

Conducting annual or biannual training for emergency coordinators is suitable. As long as your fire wardens are competent, they can provide that training. You could also arrange for training by a security/fire management business or your local fire department who might be happy to assist.

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