Your questions answered: Do employers have to provide EpiPens to contractors?

By Jeff Salton on May 15th, 2018
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Recently, we had a contractor onsite who was allergic to wasp stings and asked what our procedure was for managing anaphylaxis. We work in the printing industry and have approximately 12 first aid kits onsite. I believe EpiPens have a use-by date. Shouldn’t affected people carry their own EpiPens? What are our responsibilities from a WHS duty of care perspective?


We often get asked this question via the Helpdesk. Each workplace will have different first aid requirements depending on factors such as the size of the workplace and any particular needs of the workers or visitors who might access your site. It is important for you to consult with your workers regarding the type of first aid equipment, first aid training and policies required.

In your case, where a contractor has already raised the risks of a wasp sting with you, you will need to ensure that your first aid kit includes EpiPens that have not expired.

You will also need to ensure they are stored away in a locked location only accessible by authorised personnel, that their expiry dates are carefully monitored and that the EpiPens are replaced when necessary.

However, first aid has limitations, and it is also necessary for you to consider how your health and safety management system can manage the risks of a wasp sting for this contractor.

We also recommend you check out the F1 First Aid chapter in the Health and Safety Handbook. And if you have any follow up questions, just subscribe today and get instant and free access to our Helpdesk. Too easy!


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