Your questions answered: Can our injured worker be trained to undertake different duties?

By Portner Press on August 10th, 2018
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We have a worker who injured his hand 18 months ago. He has limited use of the hand as a result. He has been cleared to work for 4 full days on light duties. However, we are struggling to find any light duties for him. He has been shredding paper, applying stickers to products, and doing some minor cleaning and basic paperwork. He has limited computer skills, so we cannot give him other work. What other options do we have? Can the business or our insurer pay for him to do a training course?


If the hand injury was a work-related injury, you can discuss payment for a training course with your insurer. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the training yourself if the worker is interested in re-skilling.

If neither of these options are viable and the worker can longer perform the inherent requirements of his role (even with reasonable modifications), you can terminate his employment.

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