Your questions answered: Are we required to have a return to work coordinator in each state?

By Portner Press on June 25th, 2019
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  2. Workers' Compensation

Is it a legal requirement to have a return to work coordinator in each state the business is based in? Does the business need a certain number of employees in the state before this is required? Also, do return to work coordinators need formal certification?


In some jurisdictions, you are legally required to appoint a return to work coordinator to assist with any return to work programs.

For example, in South Australia, this requirement applies to all employers with more than 30 employees.

Whereas in NSW, a return to work coordinator is required by:

  • category 1 employers whose basic tariff premium exceeds $50,000 annually;
  • self-insurers; and
  • employers insured by a specialised insurer who employ more than 20 people.

More information can be found chapter W1 Workers’ Compensation in the Health & Safety Handbook, which you can access for free on a free, no-obligation trial.

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