Your questions answered: Are there age restrictions on heavy lifting?

By Portner Press on April 16th, 2019
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We have young workers (aged 15 years and over) working with us. Are there any age restrictions relating to heavy lifting? Our 15-year-old workers could be lifting around 12kg.
Safe Work Australia’s model codes of practice have been developed in conjunction with the harmonisation of Australia’s work health and safety legislation.

Safe Work Australia has developed the Code of Practice Hazardous Manual Tasks in relation to hazardous manual tasks in the workplace (

This Model Code of Practice was approved in NSW and is hosted on the WorkCover NSW website (

We recommend that you review the Code of Practice in relation to minimising the risk of hazardous manual handling tasks to your workers.

The Code of Practice does not reference the age of workers and the respective weight lift limit. Therefore, we recommend that as a guide, you adhere to the restrictions under the National Code of Practice for Manual Handling (

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