Your questions answered: Are tenants required to provide fire safety equipment?

By Portner Press on October 5th, 2018
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After a recent audit of the building we occupy, but do not own, we noted that there is no fire safety equipment located in or near the kitchen.

We recently had an incident where an appliance used for heating was left on, causing a potential burn or fire ignition risk. Are the owners of the building required to have fire extinguishers and/or fire blankets installed in the kitchen or surrounding areas?


In general terms, the owner of the building is required to ensure that there are appropriate fire doors, emergency signs and fire sprinklers installed in the building, in other words, fire protection systems for the facility as a whole.

However, as a tenant, you are required to provide your own fire extinguishers and/or fire blankets in areas where you have identified a fire hazard and risk of injury, such as your kitchen.

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