Your questions answered: Are our workers covered for company-provided gym injuries?

By Jeff Salton on June 7th, 2018
  1. Employee health & wellbeing
  2. Wellbeing Programs


Our company has a gym in its workplace, which all employees can use. Does our Workers’ Compensation policy cover any injuries or fatalities that occur due to accidents in the gym?


Our Helpdesk gets many questions from concerned employers wishing to implement health and wellbeing programs but unsure of their liability. If your business has an internal gym that employees use as part of their employment, then any injury sustained while using the gym (other than by reason of misconduct) is likely to be covered by Workers’ Compensation.

However, you should review the processes you have in place to ensure you are satisfied that workers are fit to use the gym and are trained in the use of any equipment.

We also recommend you read the W1 – Workers’ Compensation chapter in the Health and Safety Handbook. And if you subscribe today, you’ll get free and instant access to our Helpdesk so you can send through any follow-up questions.


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