Health & Safety Helpdesk

One of the biggest benefits of subscribing to the Health & Safety Handbook is getting free access to the Health & Safety Helpdesk.

Whenever you’re having a safety issue at work and you need to be absolutely sure about the action to take, you can email the Health & Safety Helpdesk with your short query and get a response from our safety experts within 72 hours.

It’s a completely free service, yours to use as regularly as you want if you are a subscriber to the handbook. And it doesn’t matter which area of Australian health and safety legislation your question relates to – or how insignificant you think it is – by emailing the Health & Safety Helpdesk, you’ll be able to move forward with complete confidence.

To give you an idea of how the helpdesk works, here are some sample questions from our subscribers – and how our experts responded to them…

Question: “How often do I need to check my employees’ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Answer: PPE should be regularly tested and checked to ensure that it continues to provide maximum protection. However, some items of equipment need to be checked more regularly than others. How often you need to check your PPE will depend on:

  1. How easily the equipment can be damaged. For example, safety helmets may need to be examined every week for dents, cracks, etc.
  2. How hazardous the activity is. For example, breathing devices should be checked regularly to make sure that quantity and quality of supplied air is suitable.
  3. What the serviceable life of the equipment is. All PPE has a maximum lifespan depending on the above factors. Some manufacturers and suppliers specify timeframes for replacement of PPE.

Question: “I often hire contractors who have their own employees. Am I still responsible for the health and safety of my contractors’ employees?”

Answer: Under OHS legislation, you have a responsibility to provide a working environment that is safe and without risks to health. This means that you are responsible for all safety hazards that exist on your premises, even if those hazards are introduced by external contractors. Essentially, you owe the same health and safety duties to your contractors’ employees as you do to your own employees if they are working on your site. And you should also remember this – if an employee of one of your contractors is injured on your site, both you and the contractor can be held responsible. This is known as concurrent liability.

Imagine hiring a top safety firm… having them at your beck and call… and NEVER getting billed! That’s what the Health & Safety Helpdesk gives you.