What is the most valuable part of a toolkit this Tradies Health Month?

By Jeff Salton on August 1st, 2017

Safe Work Australia has chosen this August as Tradies Health Month in an effort to highlight that tradies’ health – and that of their workmates – should be a priority.

According to Safe Work Australia CEO Michelle Baxter, tradies make up 30% of Australia’s workforce, but they represent more than half (58%) of serious claims for workers’ compensation*. (SWA defines tradies as trades workers, technicians, labourers, machinery operators and drivers.)

“Our research shows that the most common cause of injury involves muscular stress while lifting, carrying or putting down objects and the most common type of serious claim involves traumatic joint injuries,” said Ms Baxter.

“In particular, the construction industry is hazardous by nature and we work collaboratively with regulators, industry, unions and the community to identify the causes of injury and finding solutions to help tradies stay safe at work.”

Throughout August, Safe Work Australia will shine a spotlight on tradies’ health and safety.

“Ultimately, we want every tradie to go home to their family, free from harm,” Ms Baxter said.

“We recommend having a conversation with your work health and safety regulator about how you can make your worksite a safer place to be,” said Ms Baxter.

Source: Safe Work Australia’s National Data Set for Compensation-based Statistics, 2014-15.
*Data originally published on 28/07/2016 has been updated.

Get a handle on worker safety

The Health & Safety Handbook has more than 70 chapters to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations to your workforce, while demonstrating that you take your workers’ health and safety seriously.

In keeping with Safe Work Australia’s Tradies Health Month, some chapters in the Handbook that you might want to consult include:

  • C5 Construction
  • F3 Fatigue Management
  • R2 Road Transport Worker Safety
  • S1 Safe Operating Procedures
  • W2 Working at Heights
  • Y1 Young Workers

All chapters are written in plain English by the health and safety lawyers at Holding Redlich. They come complete with downloadable templates, checklists and step-by-step instructions to help you across all aspects of workplace health and safety.

What’s more, you can take an obligation-free trial of the Health & Safety Handbook to see how it fits your business.

What do you have to lose?

Show your workers that you value their safety by subscribing today to the Health & Safety Handbook.


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