Warning to avoid using Brisbane asbestos testing company

By Jeff Salton on March 21st, 2017
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Danger Asbestos Removal Sign posted on school window.

A safety regulator has warned businesses needing asbestos testing services to avoid using Brisbane company Asbestos Audit Pty Ltd, which is under investigation by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading for allegedly charging companies to test asbestos samples without testing them.

Asbestos Audit, and its director Mark Dougal Rentoul, are being investigated after the Queensland OFT received a complaint from a regional council. It found that the company had been consistently invoicing clients for samples taken but not tested.

Queensland OFT’s Executive Director Brian Bauer said: “Not only is Asbestos Audit making misleading representations about its services and accepting payment for services not delivered, but this behaviour is potentially putting peoples’ health at risk.

“The deceptive behaviour is unacceptable, especially when those responsible for engaging Asbestos Audit’s services have been of the genuine belief Mr Rentoul ran a company providing comprehensive testing services,” he said.

Companies which have used Asbestos Audit’s services are asked to contact Queensland OFT immediately on 13 74 68 or make a complaint online at www.qld.gov.au/fairtrading.

‘Outrageous behaviour’

WorkSafe’s Victoria’s Executive Director of Health and Safety, Marnie Williams, said that if the allegations proved correct, the company’s behaviour was outrageous.

“Asbestos is a dangerous substance, which is why employers put their faith in companies such as this one to ensure appropriate testing is conducted,” she said.

“Employers need to have confidence that testing procedures are carried out to ensure workplace health and safety is never compromised.”

Ms Williams said any business which had engaged Asbestos Audit should check whether the company had provided NATA-accredited analysis reports for all samples taken at their site as part of the report.

“If such reports have not been, or cannot be, provided, they should organise for a competent person to re-take those samples and have them analysed by a NATA-accredited laboratory,” she said.

NB: Victorian company Asbestos Audits (Australia) Pty Ltd and its directors have no association with Brisbane-based Asbestos Audit Pty Ltd.

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