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How do we ensure workers practise good hygiene?

Q: We have a delicate situation in relation to personal hygiene within our company. We receive many complaints about the men’s toilets. The complaints relate to urine on the floor, excessive pubic hairs in the urinals, excrement on the walls and floor, and boot marks on the toilet seats.

To date, we have added motion-activated hand dryers, installed signs to remind people to wash their hands, and we always ensure there is plenty of toilet paper, air freshener and handwash available.

We have workers concerned about their health when they share workspaces in the workshop, which involves using machines, workbenches and hand tools. Some workers avoid using the toilets unless absolutely necessary and won’t even have biscuits from the barrel as they are worried whose hands may have been in there before them.

We wish to raise this matter at a safety meeting and cover personal hygiene. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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