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Can we issue a warning based on complaints from the general public?

Question: We employ four truck drivers to carry out local and interstate deliveries. We have policies and procedures for all drivers to follow and I am pleased to say that we have an excellent record to date that goes back 7 years.

However, over the last 6 months, we have received three complaints from members of the public in relation to one driver and his apparent tailgating. We have gone over these concerns with him and have re-enforced that we expect all drivers to follow the road rules. His attitude is that the members of the public are overreacting and that, unless we can produce some evidence, we cannot do anything in relation to this.

What is our legal position? Each person who has complained has given us their name, but they have each asked us to respect their privacy and not pass on their details. We are concerned and believe that after three incidents we should be issuing a warning in relation to following road rules. Could you please provide some advice in this matter?

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