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Company slapped with prohibition notice and improvement notice

The Case

WorkSafe Victoria v ACN Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd (2023)

ACN Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd (ACN) is an approved solar retailer providing solar system installation to residential, commercial, hybrid and off-grid properties in Victoria. ACN was engaged to install a solar system on a residential property.

Following notification to WorkSafe Victoria that ACN employees were working on the roof of a residential property without perimeter guardrails, an inspector attended the site. The inspector observed two ACN employees working on the roof of a single-storey residential property installing solar panels. Guardrails had been installed; however, they did not extend the length of the area that was being accessed by the workers on the roof, stopping approximately 3 metres short of the solar installation works. The two employees advised that the guardrail was incomplete as not enough was supplied for the job. The inspector issued a prohibition notice and an improvement notice.

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