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A high wire brings high risk to students at adventure park

The Case

WorkSafe Vic v The Summit Pty Ltd

Summit Pty Ltd operated an adventure park in Trafalgar, Victoria, which consisted of accommodation and outdoor adventure activities (the camp). One of the activities was the high wire, which was a wire suspended 10–12 metres above the ground, tied between two trees. 

Before each activity commenced, facilitators employed by Summit provided instructions to guests and supervised them until the activity concluded. There was also a rescue protocol that applied to all activities in which participants were at height. If an emergency occurred, a responder from the management team would be called to attend the activity and see to the person at risk. 

On 11 February 2020, a school student was descending from one of the trees, when the wire that connected with her harness caused her body to rotate unexpectedly and the strap of her helmet became entangled with the wire. As a result, the student couldn’t breathe.

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